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Hello, and welcome to ©Megalive, Our network is designed to have people gather and have fun, share their thoughts, and live in a safe enviroment, with many of our updates we will keep you informed about every thing around you! We will have events and i promiss you that it will be your favorite social network, so come on in and register to ©Megalive and give it a chance! Come on in, and invite your friends and relax, enjoy what Facebook and Myspace wont give you! Download our toolbar to stay  in our community.

Regards~Daniel S. Site Owner


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How to use Megalive!

1. Register or log in.

2. Invite your friends on facebook or by email.

3. Chat with video chat or our meebo box.

4. Post up dates on your members profile!

5. Socialise!

6. Use our fourms.

7. Play games.

8. Have fun!

Recent Events

June 14: We have a new website http://www.everember.ucoz.com/ ITS AN AMAZING AND HUGE MMORPG WITH A GREAT COMMUNITY, JOIN TODAY!!!

April 7: Donate to the Japan Relief fund in Eastlyme High School, in the lunch line. Every person that Registers on Megalive, i will donate 1cent. Also you can buy the Japan Relief Tshirts on the website, all earnings go to the Redcross, a non profit organization!

March 17: Kol section added to forums, A.V.A. removed.

February 7: We posted a how to use megalive section!

February 4: Well school has been going on for a while and all that i will beg of every one is to please post stuff on the fourms, click share on facebook, and invite buds! We are also working on an MMORPG called Ever Ember online, stay tuned for more! 

January 7: Access Megalive from your mobile, ipod, android. Try it out!

January 1: Happy New years from Megalive!

November 29: I updated the site, has an announcement section, only mods and admins can post. Also please, please post suggestions in the suggestions box on our website! Also, Please invite people!

October 24: We gots a chatroom! WITH VOICE AND VIDEO!

October: 22: We are adding a voice chat room, so stay tuned!

October 22: Fun pep rally, also, WERE having our first competiton! Anyone who partisipates will get moderatorship for 2 months! All you have to do is 2 things, 1. You have to scroll down on our webpage and click share on facebook.(When you do press the print screen button and send me a picture! Or just reply on the events post! 2. Download our community tool bar! YES!!!

October 11: Its my Birthday, YAYAYAYAY

September 28: My Ad is in my school, hope peeps join!!! ALSO Me and http://negapedia.webs.com have become partners, visit it! Also Like us on Facebook!

September 10: Our Clan in A.V.A ROCKS! Its a full blown hit! Now PLEASE PLAY AVA OR IF YOU DO, Join us! Megalive Clan!

August 17: I am Over Excited, We Have A SHOP. You Can Buy our Stuff! Sorry for the prices. I dont Make Them Up!

August 16: Its been a month since our last update, we need more people, PLEASE, INVITE MORE PEOPLE. I also added a few more games and some minor updates!

  July 16: We have alot of people without names, only weird Users! Don't worry, This is a social network, you should have your name on! Please change it, Thanks!

July 14: We have new event, if you are good at movie making make a video advertisement 15 seconds to 1 minute long and you will become an administrator,the second and third place runner ups get mod permission.

 June 28: Our website officially launched, WHOO Start inviting people to get this website on the road. The first three people who join will become mods, thats right. You can also become a mod if you give alot of good suggestions. script type="text/javascript" src="http://jc.revolvermaps.com/r.js">script type="text/javascript" src="http://jc.revolvermaps.com/r.js">


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